A membership in wur associe is fairlie wirth it! We willna chairge onie dues tae nae meintie, naebodie is bund tae be acteeve in the associe an awbodie can quit tae onie time. A heich nummer in members helps us tae keep providin wur offer an tae pursue wur acteevities.

The membership in the associe is truelins nae fickle. Ye can request orally or by an e-mail: kontakt(at) an speir at an enrollment. It’s gey easie. We need yer full name an yer e-mail address for the appleecation.

Gin ye dinna want tae be in wur associe oniemair, ye hae tae resile by letter . Ye can aye quit at the end o the month.

Naither dae ye hae tae pey jynin fees nor dues an members are excepted fae onie futur dues an aw.

The member isna obleeged tae dae oniething syne he’s a member.